LeaRn4LIFE project aims to conceive, develop and implement adequate training programmes that certificate the technical qualification and capacitation of radon professionals, students, teachers, authorities and governmental bodies, medical professionals and communication professionals working with radon towards market recognition and confidence.

Expected Impact

To provide the society with solutions to reduce radon at homes and workplaces in the most cost-effective way and, at the same time, to promote citizen awareness to the radon problem, their protection and willingness to act and be part of the resolution.


Within the Portuguese legal framework, APA is the competent authority for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety and is responsible for promoting the implementing measures to reduce long-term risks from radon exposures in dwellings, buildings with public access and workplaces for any source of radon ingress, whether from the soil, building materials or water.
APA contribution will be in terms of legal advisory and scientific and technical support due to the highly skilled staff in matters as environmental protection, radon and radiological protection.
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National Laboratory for Civil Engineering is a public institute of Science and Technology with the status of State Laboratory, which mission is to undertake, coordinate and promote scientific research and technological development, aiming to continuous improvement and good practice of Civil Engineering. LNEC has extensive experience in research studies in the field of construction, with detailed knowledge on construction materials and constructive solutions, including performance on site, through experimental characterisation, development and application of construction products and materials, in addition to observation in the field, providing technical support on construction anomalies.
LNEC will participate in training activities in the areas of their specific competences (radon remediation and prevention in buildings, membrane insulation, ventilation, construction details and materials).
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The Unican has a long experience in radon-related issues like metrology, prevention and mitigation, along with extensive experience in European Programs like ERICCA I & II, RADPAR, METRORADON and now TRACERADON projects.
The staff from Unican will assist in technical terms to the development and construction of the DEMO installation as they already have an installation with similar features. They will actively contribute to the definition of the training programme, help develop the course contents and in outreach activities.
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UCOIMBRA will participate with the contribution of the Department of Earth Sciences (DCT) and the Department of Mechanics Engineering (DEM). The contribution of the DCT team, integrated in the Laboratory of Natural Radioactivity, is related with the definition of structure, contents and implementation of the training programme, as described in the WP2. Considering the previous experience in the field of radon measurement, DCT team will have a significant role in the elaboration and implementation of the theoretical and practical training sessions. The DEM team will contribute to the contents and implementation of the remediation actions, mainly related to active mitigation measures, particularly ventilation.
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