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Dissemination activities at Sevilla
Event Date: 23/04/2024
Target Audience: Public
The dissemination activities included 1 awareness campaign to a local community and 1 seminar to professionals.
4th project meeting
Event Date: 24/04/2024
Target Audience: Project
In this 4th LeaRn4LIFE project meeting, the WP2 and WP3 activities were discussed, and the schedule of the next challenges and deadlines to be met was defined.
Seminar | Radon in buildings
Event Date: 30/01/2024
Target Audience: Professional
The seminar second seminar for professionals, took place at the National Laboratory for Civil Engineering and were attended by around 50 people.
ROOMS 2023 | Luxembourg
Event Date: 10/10/2023
Target Audience: Professional
The ROOMS conference, focusing on radon remediation, featured a presentation by APA's 2 participants on the LeaRn4LIFE project, garnering audience interest.
The first awareness session for the public and for professionals took place in Madeira
Event Date: 16/10/2023
Target Audience: Public
On October 16, the LeaRn4LIFE project held its first public awareness session and seminar in Madeira, attended by 80 people, focusing on radon awareness and training programs.
3rd Project Meeting and Meeting with stakeholders
Event Date: 17/10/2023
Target Audience: Project
The third project meeting occurred on October 17-18 in Madeira, Portugal, with nearly 20 consortium and stakeholders attending, alongside a training program development session.
2nd Project Meeting and Meetings with stakeholders
Event Date: 30/03/2023
Target Audience: Project
Project meeting at Saelices el-Chico mining site, Salamanca. Collaboration between consortium and stakeholders. Training content discussions.
Webinar "IoT & Radão" | APA
Event Date: 07/11/2022
Target Audience: Professional
European Radon Day celebration. Organized by ERA and APA. Explored IoT's radon applications, introduced LeaRn4LIFE to the radon community.
Project Kick-off Meeting | Mining complex at Urgeiriça, Viseu (Portugal)
Event Date: 24/10/2022
Target Audience: Project
LeaRn4LIFE launch at Urgeiriça, Viseu. Stakeholder engagement and project activity initiation.
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